Monday, January 28, 2013

The UARC "Ham Hotline" is back!

The Utah Amateur Radio Club
Ham Hotline:  801-583-3002
After several months of absence, the Utah Amateur Radio Club's "Ham Hotline" is back in service.

The telephone number for the hotline is 801-583-3002.

If you have a question about any upcoming UARC events, events of note sponsored by nearby (Utah) clubs, upcoming sessions for amateur radio license testing or a technical or regulatory question related to amateur radio, this is a place to start!

Currently, this telephone number is directed to Linda, N7HVF and you may get an answering machine during business hours or when she is not home.  If Linda doesn't have the answer for your question there's a good chance that she can direct you to someone who does!

Why was it offline for so long?

We're not quite sure.  Several years ago this the ham hotline was "ported" to a VOIP service to reduce the costs and this worked fine for quite a while.  Suddenly - several months ago - we got word that it no longer worked and after some digging around we discovered that the VOIP provider had inexplicably cancelled the service and returned it to the pool of available numbers.  When asked why they had done this, we could not get any sensible answer!  (Yes, we'd been paying our bill on time!)

Fortunately, the number was still available so we obtained it through a different provider and, eventually, got it back into service!

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