Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to get to UARC's Field Day site

As with the past several years, UARC is holding Field Day in a clearing near the Payson Lakes campground on the Nebo Scenic Loop. 

Here’s how to get there:
  1. Assuming you are starting from the Salt Lake Valley, go south on I-15 to the first Payson exit, exit 250. Take the exit.
  2. Go left at the end of the exit ramp which should put you on Main Street (aka SR-115). (You are really going south at this point although it may seem like east.)
  3. Turn left on 100 North, aka SR-198.
  4. Turn right on 600 East, also called “Peteetneet Boulevard.” This turn is at the top of a hill at a picturesque old school.
  5. Follow 600 East until it takes you to the mouth of Payson Canyon. At this point note your odometer reading or reset your trip odometer.
  6. Watch for landmarks at these approximate mileages from the canyon mouth:
    1. 11.1: Payson Lakes Day-use area on the right.
    2. 11.7: Payson Lakes Campground.turnoff on the right.
    3. 12.3 Guard station turnoff on the right.
    At the guard station turnoff on the right, don't take the right turn, but instead turn left onto a dirt road. Within a few hundred yards you will see the camp area. 
According to Google Earth, the coordinates are:   39° 55' 31.11" N., 111° 37' 53.06" W.
Google Earth view of the UARC site with respect to the Payson Lakes picnic area and campground.


Unless you have arranged to stay at the Payson Lakes campground, you will need to bring everything you need with you - including water, food and necessary shelter.  Because this site is at a fairly high altitude, you should also bring some warm clothes - even though it is in the middle of June - as it has been known to get down to freezing overnight!

We hope to see you there!

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